Buy Vine Revines and become famous instantly

If you’re a regular on Vine then you already know about 16 year-old Lauren Giraldo. The Vine star is among the most popular people on Vine, with a following 2.4 million people. And guess what she makes per sponsored vine? A cool $2,000! It does not take much of an effort ñ she just has to re-vine a sponsor’s video to her followers. But in order to become famous on Vine, not everybody has that kind of time or energy to amass such a huge following. So why don’t you just buy Vine Revines instead?

Itís the easiest and most hassle free way for you to get more followers, and thus, more popularity on Vine without putting in a lot of efforts. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind ñ people are more likely to subscribe to vine profiles which are attractive and active. If you upload one vine per month, chances are less of you getting many followers via revines. Here are some more things you can keep in mind –

Create an attractive profile

Upload the best photo of yours on your profile. If you are a teenager, then selfies are the most popular photos you can upload, while for professionals working in companies, a more formal photo or one with that of the companyís logo is more appropriate.

A bio

A bio which tells your followers about who you are and why you’ve on Vine is a sure shot way of getting their attention. If you’re feeling too lazy to think up of one, just copy what you’ve written on your Facebook or Twitter profile bio.

Your First video is Important

If you haven’t posted a video already, make sure your first one introduces yourself to your fans and followers. The easiest way to get more views and revines from your vines is by making your video funny, relatable or thought provoking.

Be active

Yes you can buy a lot of revines and that might get you many followers to. But followers like being updated regularly and if you aren’t going to give that to them, then will unfollow you. Add at least one vine and like and revine a few vines from other people daily! A catchy title is a good way to get more views. And don’t forget to add a category to your Vines! Those people looking for vines in those specific categories will also stumble across yours.

Use hashtags

This is also a clever way of relating your vine to popular categories. It works much like a category, but is quicker and much more efficient. But be careful about always using related hastags. Unrelated hashtags annoy followers.


Again, this will give your profile a lot of exposure. If you’re the silent type who doesn’t bother commenting, then you’re making a big mistake. Try and make the comments interesting. A simple LOL won’t want to make people visit your profile. Try something like, Wow. That was hilarious! Loved it.î

Of course, we understand that a lot of the things we’ve shared might not be possible for those individuals who lack the time for such efforts. This is why you can buy Vine Revines and become famous instantly!